Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catcher In The Rye

Photo of kids running around monuments in DC after sparse crowd left.The Youth Against War and Fascism (YAWF) set up a recruiting table as did United States Communist Party. Literature (mostly abandoned on the grounds as litter)saying Socialism and communism are the answers. Youth saw this kind of literature : Weatherman Manifesto.

October 2 Rally in the Mall has come and gone. Short boring speeches to me. Boring to me but they were meant to rally labor unions to get ready for the up coming midterm elections in November. For us it means less than 30 days to send in contributions to ensure a Republican Majority so that Obamanism is stopped then repealed then replaced.Obama is stumping around the country pleading to be given more time so he can "fundamentally transform America". The rally nor Obama are going to change our country. I cannot imagine how communist speaker Van Jones after being exposed as a communist CZAR for Obama is going to get America to become "green" manufacturers. Then I really turned off with some idiot American Indian, Charlie or something, posed as a comedian so he could make a joke about Sarah Palin's brain. Ironic how they chose him . I am sure he does not know that Palin is an Native American name as she is married to Todd Palin who is a Native American Eskimo. Her maiden name is Heath. No one laughed at his joke and that too shall pass. The rally was an uninspiring thud.

The list of endorsers of the day was headlined by the Communist Party of America and funded by the TIDES FOUNDATION. Obviously the Rally was more weirdly notorious than representative of where we want America to go.

As it happens ,this weekend I was finishing up watching a DVD copyrighted from 2007 called TESTIMONY:AN UNTOLD STORY OF POPE JOHN PAUL II. He is now Blessed Pope John Paul II on his way to becoming sainted.

One of the first things young Pope John Paul did when he was appointed to be Bishop of Krakow, Poland was to take on a mission to prevent the young people in his dioceses from joining the Communist Party . I would say he was highly successful at being a Catholic model of Catcher in The Rye.That may seem like strange analogy but I consider that Holden Caufield wanted to save the children (sheep) from running through the fields of rye and slipping off a cliff into the abyss below.He wanted to stop them from being conventional followers of the older generation, but it is an amazing visual for me anyway. It inspired me to become a teacher to catch children from going over that proverbial cliff ,also. The focal point is the cliff and the"teacher" who holds out his arms to hold the kids back to safety. I got to thinking this weekend of the audacity of Socialist Democrats parading around in broad daylight with the Communist Party and Socialist provocateurs. There is no Pope John Paul here to warn kids watching the Rally that it would have serious consequences if they joined this group. Meshing everyone into one big happy family is a canard. One Nation of illusion. These groups want to destroy America and the American Family and with it our traditions. Read the Communist Manifesto and the Weatherman Manifesto to see that this is what they are all about.

One more thing from the DVD. The Pope's first visit abroad was to Mexico , which at the time was strongly preaching MARXIST LIBERATION THEOLOGY. Liberation Theology started in South America and spread to Mexico. The Pope's visit to Mexico put a stop to that . He was on that same type of mission-to stop communism.This is the same Liberation Theology of Jeremiah Wright -the same Liberation Theology Obama adhered to for 20 years in Wright's church.

We have been warned over and over again about the communist Marxist leanings of Obama. His teachers forced him over the "cliff" when he was a youngster and now we have him pushing our young to go over it. He should be kept away from our young teens . How could a poor uneducated country like Mexico get the Pope's message and stop following communism? How could they have understood his message that communism-Marxism has no good consequences for them or their country. Marxism leads to a dictatorship . That is what it is. Making the countries where it prevails into failures and its people slaves . You are a slave when you have no property or personal wealth and liberty. Mexico is still caught up in a horrible government overtaken by Drug Lords . Its people come to America to flee their situations but bringing into America enormous, untenable problems.

Taking advantage of a crisis like the Obama administration tries to do is no different than Bin Laden today in Pakistan. Recruiting the people to join the Taliban because their country is ravaged by floods. No different from the parading communist and socialist in the Rally. Hope against hope of the listeners picking up the sympathetic words of Van Jones and Al Sharpton and feeling that it would be OK to join bad organizations for solutions.

We have a chance in thirty days to stop the Obama Marxist influence. Being able to elect a REPUBLICAN MAJORITY will brake the run to the"cliff".Conservatives will keep on fighting the Obama crisis machine. Here!

30 Days to consider voting for and working for and donating to Conservative Constitutionalists .

Make your own way through the Rallies and into your participation for November 2.

Palin/Bolton 2012