Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Jews and Catholics Like About Sarah Palin


*Taken from the Jews for Sarah site.

I know of no Jew or Catholic who thinks Marxism is a good form of government.Obama is a lover of Marx,Lenin et al. Obama is friends with people who adhere to the Communist Manifesto like Van Jones. Obama is close to mentors like Frances Fox Piven who says- RIOT if you need to. Piven based her whole career on the Watts Riots as a good way to fight Capitalism. She writes for the NATION.Does she still want to collapse the system ?
I have no idea why any Jews who love family values and tradition would vote for Obama. I have no idea why Catholics who are PRO LIFE would even consider an Obama for president.
For Catholics and Jews the old misconception that Democrats support them because they are victims have had their big awakening with Obama. Neither religion would flourish if the Constitution was not protecting them from Obama and his CZARS. Jews do not flourish in communist Russia and Catholics do not flourish in Obama's Muslim countries.
The prayers I say are for Obama's conversion to being protective of the innocent in the womb. Here is the Conversion Prayer
Americans have made a terrible mistake but after Obama hurts each tradition Americans hold dear they will see the light. Obama is moving into the Mr. Innocent moderate role as I write this.(actually his teleprompter speech writer). People are waiting for him to perform in their interests but of course they will be disappointed by him. No one will yell out YOU LIE at the State of the Union address. People know now he can be defeated piece by piece in the next election. No need to call him a liar it is redundant.

Palin 2012