Friday, January 28, 2011

Programs to keep track of balloons and balloon-heads.

Pundits and trial balloons and balloon-heads. Speaking of Karl Rove and if I may add Chris Matthews* both think that women are balloon-heads and should act as auxiliary helpers but may not contribute anything as candidates. Rove supported Sharron Angle in Nevada for 2010 election, but he probably knew she would lose.
Rove supports Bush with such agility and the defenses for his former boss just roll off his tongue (or shinny balloon- head for Rove). Sarah Palin ,Michele Bachmann and Christine O'Donnell: Matthews and Rove have no use for.
It should become obvious to head honcho Republicans and to Matthews the -ranter ,that Sarah and Michele will work right around them. Christine is getting her PAC and future together , Michele and Sarah are collecting money for their PACs and campaigns pretty much without the help of the Mister "biggies".
Someday we will be defending Palin's Fiscal Conservatism like Rove did on TV last night . Soon like in 2013 Sarah will be under attack as POTUS and Michele as senator from MN for her Tea Party leadership.

* I saw Chris Matthews on Hardball last night and he was blowing spit into his mic he was so carried away with vitriol that Bachmann and Palin should dare to disturb his one true love-Mr. BO. It usually bothers me but he was so over wrought that it became comical.