Sunday, January 9, 2011


I fell asleep with CNN and Wolfie Blitzer droning on and trying to hold up his end of Obama's propaganda on the Gifford shooting in Arizona. These tactics by Obama and the WH thugs and various and sundry other Socialist Democrats from Jane Fonda to leftie lunatics will die out soon. Rep Cantor needs to start with the REPEAL of OBAMA Death Care. Obama is itching to take over this "crisis" -maybe a dash of Martial Law or maybe a pinch of no-guns. Who knows? He is an idiot supreme

We need to continue to leave Rep Gifford in the hands of Jesus. HE shows mercy to her and to others who are dying or are dead from the madman's raging attack. Tammy Bruce, radio talk show host from LA ,called for "Powerful Prayers" for Rep Gifford and others. Gifford is recovering from brain surgery. The neurologist said she has a good prognosis. PTL