Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reagan's One Hundreth Year Celebrations

News is that Sarah Palin may visit with the best known Conservative England has ever produced, Former Prime Minister ,Margaret Thatcher.It would only seem likely that Palin should meet with her this year.
When Ronald Reagan met Margaret Thatcher
Contrast that meeting with what a Palin visit will have to react to as everyone trys to mention her name to get rich quick. Some of these are the Alaska Daily News out of Anchorage, Alaska which is the biggest paper in the state of about 600,000 people. They and a Jealous Cabal of a few Socialist Democrats from Wasilla get the most attention on the negative side. They are the "loyal opposition" to former Governor Sarah Palin and they are the loudest face of Alaska .They will conjure up all sorts of nonsense about such a meeting.

I am not sure where Alaskans are going in their future with these widely displayed negatives for their state, but Obama is pleased. He will ,as he has in the past, further the career of a few hacks working for him to thwart Sarah Palin. Palin, on the other hand is said to be improving the tourism in Alaska. She may need to visit the state of Nevada now under Harry Reid and Obama, as their tourism is dying on the vine. Both states have high unemployment but Alaska has a former governor working to turn that around. It does not work well for America to sit by and watch the hacks get rewarded. That will help to bring down Obama quest of Central Planning where everyone does the work ,pays all the taxes while they watch the elite statists favored by Obama reap the rewards.

What I see in a meeting with Margaret Thatcher is a union of women who work for Conservative Fiscal ideas whether they are in an elected office or not.
The memories of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II will be discussed much this year as Reagan's 100 Year is celebrated. These memories are where I go to get strength as Obama trys to drag America into a Marxist Socialist dark period. I will reread John O'Sullivan (2006) The President,the Pope and the Prime Minister as they joined to rid the world of the Soviet gouging of freedom and liberties.

Sarah Palin, as she goes about her activism ,will be in the daily news and she will not allow us to dwell in those dark days for very long.

Reagan and Pope John Paul II In this photo from the Reagan Library taken by Pete Souza
I get a sense that they are into the great deep "conspiracy" to end Soviet Domination...