Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Palin will not apologize for America

I gave money to Gifford's opponent in the 8th Congressional District of Arizona. I used the Take Back The 20 widget on my site to click on the opponent (our Republicans). I did this for about 13 or 14 candidates Sarah suggested. The Sarah Pac ad does not show pictures of Gifford or any opponent. You have to go elsewhere to get an opponents photo. http://www.realclearpolitics.com is the site which shows the candidates complete information including a photo for the 2010 Election (and every other election)
The shooter knowingly looked up his representative long before last Saturday. The killer did not need Sarah Palin to target Gifford for him. The ad* has a place in history helping us to rid Our Nation of the stronghold of Nancy Pelosi and Obama. We will continue to vociferously campaign against Obama et al. I personally will use lists or ads identifying the most Conservative Commmonsense Candidates. We do not like Socialism for America. Get used to it. Trying to win back the House in Congress should be approached from the honest votes of the population.

Get some facts then I will communicate with anyone -Socialist Democrats or Conservatives. Leave emotions out of this so that when you pray for Rep. Gifford ,who is in critical condition, you have a prayerful heart.
I am sure Sarah Palin would attend the funerals in Arizona if she were asked. It appears that she has prayed with Todd at home. They do that all of the time.
I want a POTUS who will defend America and even have a son in the armed services.We will not stand down or apologize for America.
Until then PALIN in 2012

*The ad: