Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Children's War Game Rules

The Play Play President:

During the 40's all the little boys, including my brother and his friends, played war games in the backyard. There were old chicken coops which were used as barracks and what not. The guns they used were mostly western pistols that shot caps and were held in bright red holsters.Some lucky bys had bee bee gun "rifles".
I always wanted to play guns with them and got away with it until my mom called me inside and said girls did not play war games.
The rules for those war games in the back yard made up about as much sense as Obama's war games and rules for our engagement inside of Libya. Bang your dead, did not end the games. The airplanes were noises you made with your mouth going rrr rrrrr rrrr and your arms spread out for the wings of the planes.
Bang Bang !!! You're dead. The idiot on TV last night presented a war scenario which could only be appreciated by 4 and 5 year old boys ad some girls. All of the big grownup pundits saying how wonderful the Obama plan was last night are phony jerk offs. Obama made no sense but this is only a game, remember; brought to you by the boys in the neighborhood.
AP news did a fact check on the Obama liar's speech to the nation and found that Obama lied big time again ,made up rules and tried to screw the nation in 28 minutes.