Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reading Dr. Sowell On A Saturday Morning

As my apt warms up and I turn on the ZOOM print to 150% I read Sowell and smile. He added to my creature comfort and made me smile as we would when a friend speaks and we listen and appreciate the dialogue.
Thank you for making my Saturday morning in western New York very pleasant. The anti-Palin bellowing disappears from my mind and your reasoning comes into focus and is simpatico with mine. Obama is trying to agitate like he is a field hand slave trying to overthrow the "plantation " owner. He wants to hurt everyone in sight and turn every thing upside down in blind rage. He has chosen chaotic tumor brained Alinsky and Cloward and Pivens to give some structure to his own madness. He wants to ram Marxist socialism down our throats.
The harbinger of the slave's revolt has been encapsulated by Toni Morrison** in some of her novels and has warned me what Obamanation would look like. Nothing he does surprises me. I would like to see him taken away in a straight jacket and impeached as he is incapacitated to rule as a sane POTUS . Article 25 is on firm ground to be used against him.
Patriots like Sowell will hold the rule of law steady as we wait for Palin in 2012 Sowell should run for office as Americans are searching for enlightenment to get us out of this mess.
**Dig into books by Toni Morrison who uncovered Post Black Slave Rage some suggestions;
*song of solomon
*bluest eye