Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mark Levin: I Hope Sarah Palin Runs for President

THE GREAT ONE as Mark Levin is known can't mention Sarah Palin enough.
Michael Savage is holding out hope for Donald Trump and Glenn Beck will vote for Ron Paul as he told Judge Napolitano. Bill O'Reilly and Chris Matthews are enamored with Obambam. But it is early for O'Reilly.He was told by Sarah Palin on March 4th to stop interrupting her so his interview could sound more like a real conversation because of the delay of 4 seconds from New York to Alaska.

Other West Coast velvet throated radio personalities are Tammy Bruce and her new little brother. She is solid for Palin and "Johnnydontlike",her new kid brother, is for NEWT but would go for Palin as second choice.
Newt is dead in the water after his coming out party announcing on Hannity that he is running for the office.Hannity has been pushing for Newt all along.
Mittens has a few RINOS but who cares?
Jeb Bush is running for Obama's Secretary of Education. Another good reason to close that department down.
The best I can say about Chris Christie is a snarky remark I read: He Has Not Seen His Feet In Ages. Well that would be OK but like my overweight Congressman Tom Reed 29th R NYS he will have a heart attack if pushed too far and too fast. Reed had to delay his term for awhile when he went to DC and passed out from a moving mass to his heart.

Please note that these are the news personalities I watch and listen to.

Thinking about Sarah's plentiful array of Vice Presidential candidates ,I have gone from Michele Bachmann, John Bolton , Herman Cain,looked over Rudy Giuliani and ended with Lt Col Rep. Allen West of Florida.

I also know the Republican Primary is self weeding and directed by the WILL OF WE THE PEOPLE.

Organize for Palin is stirring in the land and I pray for good health to join with them.