Friday, June 12, 2009

Governor Palin Defends Her Teen Daughters

TCOT_REPORT Action ALERT from MichaelPLeahy founder.
By the time Leahy sent this to me I had already contacted FCC CBS and sereral sponsors of the Letterman Show. I agree with Leahy!!!

"There are 2 very important things you can do today.

1. Call your LOCAL CBS affiliate. Tell them you are boycotting
products of LOCAL sponsors of his program starting immediately.

2. Call AT LEAST ONE of the LOCAL sponsors of David Letterman's
Late Show. Tell them you will not purchase ANYTHING they sell
so long as they continue to sponsor the David Letterman Show.

When you are done with these two things today, please send me
an email so I can tell others of your progress. My e-mail is

Or, you can send me a public Tweet on Twitter. My twitter ID is

You will have to take my word for it. When I was a teen I was protected by my older brother. Try to get throw Todd and Sarah Palin to make your "progressive" sexual coments about teens. IT IS NO GO! NO LAUGHS> NOT FUN OR FUNNY!
Bizarro sexual fantasies by Uncle (62) Dave- The- Perv- Letterman will cost him..
He is a digrace to his beloved mother's name.
I was very polite when referring to Letterman in my e-mails, but I said he did not meet my community standards of decency toward our teenagers.
I taught teens for 35 years and if you are respectful to them you reap great joy. I get sick with sexual comments about the teen girls and teachers having sex with boys they teach. These kids are not on earth for an adult's sexual pleasure . Practice HANDS OFF TEEN'S BEAUTY. Leave them space to grow and be nurtured,
Governor Palin is defending her TEEN daughters. They are off limits to perverts.
Watch The TODAY SHOW out takes on this interview the Governor had with NBC's Lauer.