Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Republican Fund Raising Dinner w/ Slide Show

Those of us ,on Team Sarah, know the back stories pn Sarah and we deserve to see The America's Governor from her weekend in New York. We do not need to hear or read stories from Amanda Carpenter highlighting Sarah's enemies, nor Candy CNN making snide remarks over the tapes, nor Johnny Martin at Politico writing rubbish.
So I hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos of the weekend.
If you had listened to the TAMMY BRUCE RADIO SHOW yesterday you would have heard her replay Sarah's predictions(RNC Convention) about the mess we are now in. Thanks to her TWITTER (HEYTAMMYBRUCE) page you get a variety of pictures and videos. Tammy is Palin News Center for me. Conservative4Palin (C4P) site is a major site for Sarah Watching as well.