Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Lasting Constitution

I think that we will have a little post traumatic syndrome after we get rid of the Muslim POTUS but then the healing should be fast.
Out of site (of the moron) out of mind.
We have a Constitution to guide us as to what the actual laws in America are. We will follow them and it will be as if nothing happened.
There are no severability clauses in the Constitution only Amendments. Bama et al are trying to scare everyone into thinking they have to defend each attack on the Amendments. His tampering with one section does not make the rest of the Constitution null and void.
It is good however to have groups like the NRA defending the 2nd Amendment and the TENTH AMENDMENT Movement protecting the rights of the states.
You cannot make null and void the things that Soto , the POTUS Muslim and other Democrat Socialist Party members want to. The Sotos of the world are not going to twist the meanings of ARTICLES I,II,and III. There will be a balance of powers and distinct duties for each branch of government. The SCOTUS does not make laws it interprets them.
People were worried that if the truth were known about his Kenyan birth there would be chaos in the streets. There seems to be that anyway.
Stay tuned.