Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Governor Palin looks like Raquel Welch doing a movie as POTUS. She looks great in an Air Force uniform for dignitaries. What a shining star our America's Governor is.
Contrast this with the no-glimmer-of-hope Democrat Socialist Party detractors in Alaska. The DSP is so out of it. The world is dealing w/No Ko threats and Iran about to have a pogrom to remove dissidents while the DSP of Alaska is worried about a jacket with fur on it. Also contrast Obama scurrying about as he worries about his next date night.

The Governor of Alaska looks and stays in charge. Obama, on the other hand,is looking like a man about to lose control at his press conferences, He glowered at Major Garrett from FOX news yesterday. Garrett told Obama that he is not responding fast enough to world problems and he got that angry ,priceless, out of control look from Obama.

Myopic democrats in the White House and in Alaska do not stop Governor Sarah Palin from performing her duties : ceremonial and executive. Contrast that with Obama who looks more and more frazzled as he does each press conference. Obama is way in over his head and should get out of the headlines.
PALIN 2012