Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Here are some reasons for being in the streets on July 4th and September 12th. Bring flags and banners . THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. We are a Christian Nation from our inception. We do not belong to a MUSLIM Would- Be- Prince. Nor does he belong to us as we do not want him.
The Muslim POTUS has every intention of leading us into Sharia Law under a World Islamic Caliphate. Will he be the PRINCE of the WORLD CALIPHATE? He is making us weak in defense and taking us into financial ruin through adherence to commie and socialistic tenets. In this weakened state we are vulnerable to the Islamic World takeover aka World Caliphate.
He is the titular leader of the Democrat Socialist Party and numb brained people like Biden is one of his puppets among many.
Read Robert Spencer's books about Muhammad and the religion of war since 600 AD.

If this is too extreme for you.Make a copy of this appraisal and keep it in a drawer. Take the copy out when ACORN comes to take your census information for their leader-The Muslim POTUS. When you read it: BTW it will be too late.