Thursday, November 19, 2009

And the Blue Bus goes rolling along. *PALIN 2012*

Governor Palin's Bus at a mall or book store near you... Better lines than waiting for x-Boxes, i-phones, cabbage patch dolls or what have you. Down through the years Americans have followed the great inventions and GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOTS to the malls. Thousands reported to cheer her in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So of course they see this bus as it travles around and they get the urge tosleep out over night and wait to buy GOING ROGUE.
I have four coming.........

The small book store in Rochester area is not a good place to try to squeeze into.
Get a signed book by joining SARAH PAC.###
Give a donation and then wait to see if they invite you to get a signed copy for $100. These are limited.
Great Christmas present to yourself as A Patriot of the Greatest Country on the planet. I can't wait to read it and the PALIN BRAND OF CONSERVATISM. By joining Sarah Pac the Governor will be able to financially support Congressional candidates for 2010.
One step at a time for the Governor.