Friday, November 20, 2009


The king is dead LONG LIVE THE QUEEN.
Americans are looking for a TRADITIONAL POTUS : one who celebrates our Traditions like Thanksgiving.

I do not care where Obama will be on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The latter is a traditional American Christian Holiday. It includes everyone who wants to be included. American Christians are not a delusional people who think we should do away with our traditions. We include Y'all come if you want to. I spent a glorious seasonal Holiday at my college roommate's house getting gifts during the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS. No one said this "goy" could not come out of the guest room.

I will never be a socialist nor a commie nor do I respect those people enough to pay them with my tax money to run the White House.
Get a clue Obama and Chris Matthews: we are white and when we get in a line Blacks may join us but they do no make a majority in line say for example in a BOOK STORE . Whites are a majority in this country and we will be getting in line and telling Andrea Mitchell and Laura O'Donnell and Chris Matthews that we are in line not to get some of Obama's stash for gasoline and rent money but to buy Sarah Palin's book- GOING ROGUE.

The Rev. Manning tried to tell "McDaddy Long Legs" or whatever he called Obama, that "Mr. Whitey is just going to take so much of his bull and then we were going to react as in a BACKLASH. Everyone who heard Rev. Manning knows that Obama was going to be taken on by everyone who can write a letter or make a dissenting telephone call OR VOTE. Obama and Rude Emmanuel and Axeman live in a vacuum with an invisible cone of silence- but boys we hear you and we see you and we are tired of you freaks.

PALIN 2012