Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin's IQ~Palin Is Very Smart

My reply to a NEWS REAL BLOG article entitled "SARAH PALIN IS A STUPID HISPANIC LIAR". First Read This

Ah ah ah ummm ah Oh Oh I I aha ah I I I er er er I want to be fluent with Joy Beechair but my teli-prompter she is broken. si si

I too wish, Sarah Palin, who is my choice for 2012 election for president, would intersperse her speeches with Spanish phrases. But not the long ones as I only took French in High School and not Spanish.

IQ measured by syntax?? I don't know about that but the usage of monosylabic words is not good for HIGH IQ's. So I I I er er er and ah ah ah get added into the average of the speakers spoken words thus bringing down that average . Poor syntax and nonfluency in speaking can be corrected .
But fun with psychometric tests though not standardized can be had by all. Get a written copy of Sarah's speeches and tallying up how many one,two,three,four,five syllable words she uses will give you an idea about her IQ. The more syllables in a word the higher the IQ.
Or could get Obama to break into the Wasilla High School late at night and look at her IQ scores. Remember she got a "D " in macro economics or was it micro? Also ,make sure you break into the right High School. Here again remember the terrible accidental burning of Sarah's church when she was not even in it. TSK TSK...
In closing..let me say the next time Sarah writes her memoir she needs to collaborate with Letterman Behar Matthews Mr.and Mrs.Madcow Olberman bob bickle and the guy with marbles in his mouth who is married to Mary Matalin (?). No commas are needed here as they are all one person and one-half a wit among them.