Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being With Family on Thanksgiving

Locally, Governor Palin has come and gone. All of our media outlets covered her book signing..I think even NBC affiliates carried the event. I did not have the patience to sit and wait to see if NBC covered her,but moving right along, there is a petition to sign supporting her and not the biased press who tries (unsuccessfully) to bring her down.
The Governor will move on to military bases and some other cities. She will give the proceeds from book sales to Ft. Hood victim's families. Then she will make some other stops and have THANKSGIVING in the lower 48 states. Her family is being flown in at varies stops of her tour but that seems to be a variable that cannot be calculated exactly as to time and place. At least those seemed to be her plans for the days around Thanksgiving.
I have noticed that many articles are noting that she is on a presidential campaign tour. The Governor said if thy want me I will be there for that. That was at the beginning of the week. When Greta Van Sustern asked her if it was a campaign tour. Palin had just come back from Fort Bragg where she said she listened to the comments from the people as they shook her hand. She did not smile but seemed thoughtful as if she were recalling some of those comments.
She is somehow able to take one step at a time. The BOOK TOUR, THANKSGIVING, some more book tour stops and all the while doing TV and radio-national and local interviews.
She is indefatigable: she is physically fit and trim. When asked by Greta if she were tired she said that she was not.
I watched her in the film clips and sometimes she seems a little tired but at the next stop she is back up smiling , shaking hands and here we are.
Don't forget to sign the PETITION by Thanksgiving it will be printed up in 4000 outlets that day.
PALIN in 2012