Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Living in New York State And Annoyed By Election Day

I had to get off line last night watching the mess created by New York State GOP and beyond all the way to Michael Steele.I do not need to be aggravated right before my bedtime.
Evidently last night showed when under attack by the Obama Thugs in the White House do stupid things and make the situation worse.
I am still trying to think of what Plan B or Plan C should have been. Looking like a party in disarray was some one's goal and they succeeded. I was so upset by the upset in the 23rd CD that I could not even remember how much I contributed to Hoffmans' campaign. Evidently NOT ENOUGH.

To top it off some clown, who needs to remain anonymous, kept on TWEETING that the Conversion of a Planned Parenthood worker did not save any preborns.It ,to him, was just a feel good moment. On the face of it ,that is a GOOD THING. I will remain clueless. His referring to 40 Days For Life Participants as clueless to his astounding discovery is really astounding stupidity . He wanted to show his bright light by TWEETING over and over again that a conversion of the worker saved not one single baby. He kept up this nonsense until he got to his real point which was THOSE PRO LIFERS needed to know the worker wasn't even really converted to a new spiritual level and that she lied. Instead of wasting time looking up his sources I BLOCKED HIM.

I am not in any mood for "cleverness" and the perspectives of trouble makers on the left or right.