Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Presidency and Palin Leadership

Who among us would doubt that Governor Sarah Palin would have gone down in a submarine to view first hand the oil gusher one mile under the Gulf of Mexico? Palin has already advised Governor Jindal of Louisiana that it is every man for himself to save the coast line from the emerging oil slick. I hope Jindal is as brave as Palin and begins to build sand islands to protect LA.
Who among us does not believe that Palin would have emergency economic news for the aflicted states . Palin does not idly squat in the sand as if she does not know what to do as a leader.

Someone on FACEBOOK asked me to join a discussion group about Reality Based Political Dialogue. Look at the photos and know what is Past is Prologue. A person who has already headed the Norhtern Command in Alaska and stands tall and is respected by our service men and women: who would doubt her leadership?

I noticed as I began to write this there is a new site ,a new blogger on WHAT WOULD PALIN DO .com.

Palin 2012