Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Primary Days and Winners

Choose this driver ?


Who is driving the www.teapartyexpress.org bus?
They and other Tea Party Movement sectors should stop endorsing candidates.
The Nevada endorsement and the California endorsement made us waste hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to losers . We will lose today and/or in the November 2010 Elections.

Inexperience on the part of Tea Party Movement leaders is NO EXCUSE for the disasters they are causing. JUST STAY AWAY FROM ENDORSEMENTS:my advice ot them..
I am a member (mailing lists) of many Tea Parties. I was NOT ASKED TO VOTE IN THEIR ENDORSEMENT SELECTIONS. Those endorsements and my criticism will come back to bite them.

I am sticking with Governor Sarah Palin's request to be on her Sarah Team for picks of Conservative , common sense candidates. I just sent hundreds off to
Sarah Pac.

Palin in 2012