Monday, June 21, 2010

This Man Is Not Elected By The People

Obama's strong arm bully. Rambo is not elected by the people. He is dangerous to our good public image throughout the nation (world).This is the kind of man Obama has as his personal advisor.
So far so good? Obama has a 41% approval rating. IMO Obama has to get down around 20something percent. This would make room for the Republicans to continue on the failing leadership as represented by Mitt Romney . It makes room for a third presence on the 2012 ballot- call this presence The Independent Party, The Tea Party or the Constitutional Party. Any of these later names represent what the people want. The CONSENT OF THE GOVERN is no longer given to Democrats or Republicans per se. The CONSENT OF THE GOVERN is given for SMALLER GOVERNMENT, FLAT TAX or FAIR TAX, Reduction of Taxes,and renewal of individual rights to own guns.. I would add social issues such as Pro-Life which includes the unborn. English as the PRIMARY LANGUAGE and an end to the expansion of entitlement programs. I want to do away with the Education Department and leave education to local Boards of Education.
Rambo is not elected and because he stands in the way of our rights , he should be sent back home. (Not to Israel, last visit he was all but stoned and called traitor by the Israelis.)
The only people who think Rambo is right for the oval office and the ear of the president are those who wish to push us further into communist and Socialist servitude.