Thursday, June 24, 2010

Together Again At Last-More Mama Grizzlies

Sharron Angle : The Senate Candidate in Nevada,is reported to have received a Sarah Pac contribution. I think the limit is
$5000. I even relented and sent money to her campaign in Nevada. There is so much at stake and Harry Reid must be defeated. Rasmussen Polls show Angle still has an 11% lead over Reid. He has 25 times more money than Angle but he is hated by Nevadans and other parts of America 25 million times more. That just about equals things out in my mind. Sharron has Club for Growth and the Madison Project also buying TV ad time for her . Look at the claws on the emblem (which I love) and know we have to all be mama grizzlies: ferocious and determined!
Sharron joins the MAMA GRIZZLIES designated by Sarah Palin. This logo can be seen on one of Sarah's earliest all out supportive sites. Here! Thanks to Jeri Thompson who I saw on the Hannity show one night, I got in touch with this group and joined the TEAM immediately.Mama Grizzlies Logo was designed by TEAM SARAH. Visit and buy articles with the emblem on that site.

Palin is my brand of Conservatism!