Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize : Sarah Palin and 2010

Nevada Primary Results left the whole Harry Reid Family with big grins. Sharron Angle was helped along by Reid and now the whole state of Nevada is moored in Socialist Democrat politics. Angle beat out the only Republican Conservative who could have trounced Reid. Reid's son is running for governor. The Reid stamp is on the neck of Nevada .
IMO Plan B to the rescue . It will lessen Reid's strangle hold on the rest of the nation. It is Sarah Palin's Brand!!

Side note: Tea Party Movement should stay away from endorsements. Thanks to Sal Russo of Tea Party Express 's endorsement of Sharron Angle the Nevada mess has been exacerbated. The only solution is found in winning governor , senate and house seats in other parts of the nation. That is how the Palin Brand Comes in to HELP Conservatives.
Sarah Palin fared well last night with her endorsements.
Sharron Angle is not a "momma grizzlie " as Sarah called Nikki Haley and Carly Fiorina, nor is she part of the Nevada Republican's political work forces.
Her claim to fame was attending 14 Tea Party Rallies.
Russo et al now have a win that is nonsense and folly. And a even surer win for Reid in his reign as the evil prince of Socialist Democrats.
Glenn Beck pointed out that the Tea Party Express was not like the 912 Project that he founded. They did not adhere to the 912er's set of Principles or to any evident set of principles. I am not much interested in Sal Russo's destructive politics and consider his directions for the Angle campaign to be unethical. Sue Lowden did not do an effective job of repelling the lies and distortions aimed at her. Never let the enemy frame who your are. It was as if Angle and Reid were on the primary campaign trail together. You investigate . You decide the Angle-Reid connections.

Palin 2010 Conservative Brand and Winner of 2012