Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Primary Night Palin Night All Is Bright

Sarah Palin's Picks were very successful in Tuesday night primaries. Nikki Haley ,a selected MAMA GRIZZLIE, was seen going into the voting booth with one of her children. She reminds me of a very strong type of woman who took no insults or nonsense but stormed through the blocks thrown at her.
Palin had three winners last night. Next selections from Sarah should be odds on favorites. No one is betting money but if they were ....anyway.The best money spent for the future of the Republican party and America should be on Conservatives supported and endorsed by Palin . Palin is the heavy favorite among Republicans for 2012.Let's keep her in the mix by contributing to her team .here
It is hard to confirm except through the foreign press this morning if "General Mc" will resign.If he does he would be a great VP pick for Sarah in 2012.
Palin 2012