Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tea Party Nation Updates

The Tea Party Nation 's Las Vegas Convention is now on again but the dates are for October 14 through October 16. It will be held at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas (pictured here). For more information join the Tea Party Nation and get their TPN Newsletter. The Tea Party is a privately owned name and will be hosting the convention with a group called FREE AMERICA.
Until they publish a full agenda with speakers and activities in a few weeks there is not a final word on who will speak there besides Lou Dobbs, I am sure,though, it will be a chance to meet up with Sharron Angle the Nevada Republican Senate Candidate and a host of other Conservative speakers. The original idea was to hold the convention in Las Vegas to show support to the depressed Harry Reid state . Obamanism further attacked Las Vegas earlier this year by telling people to stay away from gambling and vacationing in Las Vegas.
We are all aware of the many gaffes this administration is making and the disastrous financial ruins they have caused in Nevada and America in general.
One of the reasons I joined as many Tea Party Movement groups as I could was to keep up the pressure on Obamanism and to work with groups who are doing the same. The First National Tea Party Convention was held in Nashville, Tennessee and featured Governor Sarah Palin as speaker. It drew hundreds of world wide press and got the movement off to a good start. Tea Party Patriots are being attacked now by Obamansim media but the issue of racism is really moot. The Tea Party events will be stronger than ever. The administration is trying to cause Arizona to lose financial support too by supporting boycotts of the state. I hope the TPN will hold another Convention there soon.
Hope you make it to Vegas in October; what happens in Vegas will certainly spread to the rest of the nation.