Friday, August 28, 2009

Communist and Weathermen and Anarchists... OH MY!

I worked as one and with other community organizers in the Black Community here in Rochester.
If there was ever mentioned the word communist I would have been out of there so fast. If the Council For Civil Rights I worked for was a communist front organization it wouldn't have furthered the hated communism movement much. We did nothing to overthrow our city, state or national governments. We petitioned and picketed those governments not bomb them or burned them down.

Obama hires commies and Weathermen anarchists into the White House to work for him. I dislike his choices and I work for Obama's ousting. I do not want Van Jones Mark Lloyd and Bill Ayers even near the gates of the White House. Obama is not good for America and he is not solving our problems. He is the worse of his race because like Jeremiah Wright he pretends that there are racial tensions where none exist. I knew communists but I was separate from them. I felt stronger than them,detached from them and so much more empowered than they. They were too weak to help the Black Community with its real problems.

I worked because there were actual problems to be solved. I worked for inclusion in the greatness that is America. I did not work for the overthrow of the country and its wonderfully true traditions that I find myself so loyal to. I doubt if Obama was interested in actual problems. The little man that he was PHONY! He was sick then and he is sicker now .

I was gullible , I was used but now ....I have a little hindsight.