Saturday, August 15, 2009

An Ohio County Has A Liberty TEA PARTY

***This is one of the better edited Tea Party Rally videos. Judge Napalitano is one of the speakers to rouse up the audience.
You did not see this on CNN or ABC or even FOX NEWS. Every time I see one of these shared u-tubes I get a better feeling for who is out there having the same thoughts as myself.
I am not simpatico with Obama or any of his daily forced viewings on day time news.
You cannot put lipstick on a pig refers to Obama.
This administration is attacking Sarah Palin but she is a spokesperson for millions.
Their (DSP) attacks on her do not diminish her brand of government ,her brand of Conservatism.
Last night on O'Reilly show a bitter clingy Democrat Socialist Party strategist ended up blowing his brains out in front of millions. His voice rising as he said he did not trust Sarah Palin and that he found her to be a phony. Brains oozing out every where as his final words were: "SHE WILL END UP DATING FLAVOR FLAV" ( a hip hop "star"). I bet he worked all day on this suicide note to the nation.