Sunday, August 16, 2009


Better than Death Care and Death Panels.YES
Our Country Deserves Better
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****** Obama has reportedly tapped into our Tax Monies/Stimulus Money for the deceitful Obama Death Care TV ads you see bombarding FOX Cable News and elsewhere.
He is trying to demoralize the people who have gone in droves to the August Recess Townhall Meetings. He is using well over $140,000,000 for the ads. He has reared his ugly visage at three Townhall meetings this weekend alone. All of them stacked with obambots sitting in a row applauding his every grunt and ah ah ah utterings.
Fox Cable news ,CNN Headline News , CNN ,MSNBC and C-Span had wall to wall ,nonstop coverage of his nonsense . He did a theater-in-the-round presentation as he spun around and around some fantasies of what should be in the Health Care Bill (HR 3200 and the Senate Bill). The obamabots sat eyes glazed over until the APPLAUSE sign came on. Phony and tedious-TV at its worse.
This was followed by some really sick commentary from cable news staff about how we were witnessing a shift in the way American people really feel about the Death Care Bill and The Death Panels.
Nothing has changed,folks. The opposition will continue. Our Country Deserves Better will be combating the Obama millions with TV spots of their own as seen above.
The presence of these ads depends on how much we all contribute.
I am sure you realize that Tax Stimulus Money and Soros Money seem to never dry up but Obama's use of his "POPULARITY CREDIT CARDS" drys up as his popularity/approval numbers drop. I am predicting that if we can get the approval in the nation down to 39% or below Obama will not have the stooges in the CONGRESS to support him after the 2010 elections.
I have given to OUR COUNTRY DESERVES BETTER before ; you know the routine.
Before you find yourself facing the "Dr. Death" Zeke Emanuel and his panel , you had better figure out what that routine is.