Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Death All Around And Not A Community Organizer In Sight

Read the Health Care Bill and read the comments on the articles about it.
I think O is calling for a show down a "THROW DOWN" in Hip Hop Thug Talk. Between classes and races. Only we have more education and options than the "boys" on the Chicago Streets killing each other 10/20 a week.
Paging!!!!!!!!!!! Emmanuels Holders Wrights Phlegers Ayers Obamas YOU ARE NEEDED BACK HOMEIN THE HOOD LEAVE DC IMMEDIATELY.
I have looked all over what color were the Cyanide pills that Hitler et al used in the underground bunkers as the Russians ,Americans and Brits closed in on the Third Reich?
Were they blue or red? I say the BLUE PILL.
My nurse told me to bite down hard to spill out the pills contents. Then she said there will be a sudden spasm of pain and writhing and vomiting and who knows what else.
My nurse would not be a good ELDER DEATH CARE COUNSELOR for the obama Nazi brigade circa 2009. She did not seem all that enthusiastic about helping old folks die.
I hope you are laughing at my story.
Obama Death Care is very, very fun.

Palin 2012 if we get to live that long.