Friday, August 14, 2009


Mark Williams is interviewed on CNN. Williams is the ORGANIZER OF THE TEA PARTY EXPRESS BUS CARAVAN. The Caravan will start in Sacramento ,California travel over several days from west to south to north and then along the East Coast to Washington in time for the Rally on September 12,2009.

Other updates are: GLENN BECK will be on FOX CABLE NEWS all day on September 12th. He will be in the studio at FNC following the progress of the Rally in DC and other TEA PARTY Events. Glenn Beck started the "912 Project".

Join the blog . It appears she may have the makings of a Southwest Airlines Scheduling for a west coast to Washington DC flight for individuals. Membership to join is $5 per month to get her INDEPENDENT CONSERVATIVE podcasts and netcasts. Tammy Army Members are trying to get the organizers to have Radio Talk Show Host Tammy Bruce as one of the RALLY speakers. This latter information is a developing story...

Information is included here.TEA PARTY EXPRESS CARAVAN