Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The 26th Cannot Come Soon Enough

I spoke with Thomas Daniel last night by calling him in Alaska.
His recommendations were sent by e-mail on July 14th. They were fully leaked and on the internet by July 21st.
The charges were made by Chatman in April.

I would suspect Sarah Palin did not leak the Daniel's e-mail.

Bret Baier on Special Report told the poor- piece- of -reporting that Palin lost the ethics case. I TWITTERED him asking him to repeat and then retract his garbage.
He kept on his drooling reports of Obama with no retraction. I suspect Baier's desk is wet as he reports about Obama.

I suspect that Sarah's attorney will prevail.

I suspect that if we have to do another Defense Fund we will not call it a Fund Defense and we will give $1000 as the limit.