Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I would suspect for the remaining days of the Great American- Governor Sarah Palin's term there will be a phony ethics charge filed a day. These Democrat Socialist Party members are instructed by the White House Of Shame to keep on filing charges. These ethics charges are illegally published in the Democrat Socialist Party newspapers like the Anchorage Daily News owned by the same party Mc Clatchy News Corp. They need to publish them as it keeps these ethics charges in the news even though it is illegal to make the charges public. I call this our government in Washington at work for us doing every illegal thing they can to bring down Sarah Palin.
Remember in the early days of her return from the 2008 election back to Alaska her CHURCH WAS BURNED TO THE GROUND. I believe this is illegal to burn anything down; how about you. People narrowly escaped from the fire. The Church is still looking for contributions to rebuild. This is not a digression IT IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE of the ILLEGAL Party at work in Alaska . The arsonist has never been found.

To the rest of the nation it would appear to be illegal to make the Alaskan government use $2,000,000 in tax payers money to investigate something as phony as these ethics charges. Where I come from it is illegal to call the police or fire department for frivolous reasons.
Same parallel may be drawn here. The charges are frivolous - without merit- and have been dismissed.
It is nothing but immature (but costly) calling on the Alaskan government to investigate the governor.
It is a conspiracy that goes from the state party to the party's titular head and his thug assistants.
We can predict in the "LOWER 48" that the Democrat Socialist Party members in Alaska are in panic mode as they try to throw poison darts at the Governor. We know that eventually she will be able to move around the nation with her family and end the reign of the Socialist evil doers.
It is so pleasant to think of her Independence from these fanatics.