Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It Is MY Elderly Care They are Talking About

THE COMMENTS I SENT TO MY CONGRESSPERSON. He was listed in Red State.com as a person of interest who may crumble to Speaker Pelosi. I AM WATCHING BOTH HE AND PELOSI AS THEY STRUGGLE WITH MY HEALTH CARE.

At this point,TODAY, I am very ill. I am thinking I wish I were not. I am wishing I did not have cancer removed from me. I could be dead by now. But I am not.
When I see that my representative's name is on this list of Democrats I know I have to stay with this fight against Pelosi. I am very annoyed. I am extremely annoyed!
Because it is part of the Human Existence that if you survive ,if you are alive you will struggle to get well. You will try to regain homeo-stasis. Your body naturally struggles to stay alive.
So Ms. Pelosi this is who you have to deal with-ME.
Leave Eric Massa Alone!
As Sarah Palin said about her own feelings: There are millions more like me out there. (paraphrased)
I am in no mood to brook any opposition. NO MOOD AT ALL!

Thanks RED STATE for publishing the list.