Sunday, July 19, 2009

Health Care Is Scary:or Bob Bickel Loses Again

Just who needs to have this"Universal Health Care Plan the idiot POTUS is pushing? The Pusher In Chief.
They say there are 40 million people who need it. I say-there are 20 million illegals who want it ;and then ten million people who do not want health insurance; and then millions of people who are either illiterate and cannot read well enough to fill out the forms for medicare or medicaid ;and/or millions who are in between jobs which offered an employer's health insurance..

AND THEN THERE IS BOB! Bob is the biggest neglected American who needs this plan to pass before he has his next health crisis.

Bob Bickel ,former loser from the DNC and head of the underwhelming campaign for Walter Mondale ,was on the Hannity Show the other night. Sean had Bickel debating with Ann Coulter. She beat Bickel into a blubbering mass of melted fat. Ann shouted him down. She had to. Bickel is always trying to out-loud the other person in his rude form of "debating." But Ann won the shouting match. This led Bickel to actually tear up and cry and moan and whine that we needed to pass this Obama Health Scare Plan because HE for one was denied an HMO. He cannot get insurance due to a pre-existing condition (heart attack). Neither Ann nor Sean pointed out the obvious retort to this "I- need- your- sympathy- because- I-am- a -VICTIM -ploy". The only retort to Bickel is in the form of a question: "Bob, are you saying that we should go into a $10 trillion debt over ten years for this horrible Health Plan because YOU cannot get health insurance?
Bickel and others like him are statistically so insignificant that it is not worth the $10 trillion debt over ten years that it would cost tax payers.
So ...I ask your permission to just give Bickel $1 trillion of the $10 trillion and save ourselves $9 trillion . That way we all win. Bickel could then afford his own Health Insurance for himself and his poor starving children.
Chalk this comment under know! That Gallows Humor that Obama chuckles over when he knows he is full of _____ after he says something ignorant like: WE need this Health Scare Plan passed IMMEDIATELY.
I rest my case.