Monday, July 20, 2009


CAVEAT: The song on this video is STRONG and I consider the chat buddy who made the U-tube a friend. I saw MILLION DOLLAR BABY (the movie) which is where some of the scenes in this U-Tube are from. The film ends with a Moral Relativistic view that Euthanasia is sometimes acceptable. It is not. I won't play GOD in determining that some one's pain is so horrific that I pull "the plug" and kill them. I have even made a LIVING BINDING WILL that says do not pull anything from me.

Those were my thoughts when I first saw the "FIGHTER. The intention of Karen Allen who submitted this u-tube (@C4P) was to show Sarah Palin is not a quitter. She is not a Moral Relativist either and seems to never take the easy way out of anything. She consults daily with her LORD and MASTER and seems to act accordingly to his difficult messages. Difficult IMO view of Sarah Palin -The Fighter.

I imagine I have to take time to wonder about her and to ponder the "fighter" in me. I take a great deal of prayer time asking that I have some of my physical challenges taken away. From this video I understand there is a strong sense of physicality to Sarah Palin. Am I envious of Sarah? Not in this sense. I do, however, always look to see if her arms are muscular from all of the heavy lifting she does. I look at her legs and wonder why they do not show the strain of running as a hobby. Women pay thousands of dollars to train and exercise and to NOT look like a body builder but to just look toned and feminine. Sarah has succeeded.

Make some popcorn and enjoy the "film"again. I am going to take a short walk.
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