Sunday, July 26, 2009


What is going on in the USA today deserves a few rants and F—Bombs. So feel free Tammy Bruce! It's your radio show and your podcast!

I , too, enjoyed a loud rant this weekend- a loud rant in a public place. One to the point where , if I had continued ,I could have been arrested for a public disturbance . It took place outside a drugstore not on the front porch of my Cambridge home. The pain I felt about a botched prescription was immediately attached to IT IS ALL OBAMA'S FAULT. I ranted about how this is nothing compared to what will happen to senior citizens when Obama Scare gets passed. I was very entertaining, shouting and banging on my car until my brother calmed me.

Rage? I will show you rage. When I do not feel well everything around me needs to work more smoothly than the pharmacy which denied me 12 shots of Insulin . OR I will throw a hissy fit. I blamed it on OBAMA. I lay blame on Obama for every snafu that comes along. Let’s put blame where it belongs not on Bush but on this boy- like- idiot. Blaming Bush era is way over. Prejudice against elders is trying to get a head start on imagined racism.

It was annoying to hear Tammy Bruce on the radio say there is more work to be done than to dwell on birth certificates.
I know I can do both kinds of work. I have no intention of stopping the annoying pursuit of Obama's birth place nor will I stop my pursuit which is sometimes covert, working to defend Sarah Palin.
I do not care who has and who has not done research on Illbama’s eligibility. I know that McCaine ’s research is discarded by me just as he was discarded. The same goes for the Hillary Campaign's attempts to detect the Obama fraud. I do not care one way or another what the kid himself declares. Obama is too full of lies ,spin and misstatements to be believed. I just know that someone else was charged with frivolous ethics charges and it will cost her $500,000; I further know that, Obama or someone has had to pay $800,000 to date to keep from showing records of his past. They are a no-show in various legal proceedings. I know that to legally represent Obama it will cost much more money. I know that you have seen how Sarah Palin has been ruthlessly pursued and tied up in legal proceedings. The nexus is obvious.

I am not afraid of revenge. I actively seek it. Michael Reagan , Ronald’s son , has formed a group to send 50 State Attroneys General faxes for Obama indictments. Indictments on fraud over showing fake birth notices and Obama’s birth hospital.The faxes will ask them to open up Grand Juries to indict Obama on charges of Fraud and Treason. Fraud about his eligibility . Charges of Treason for his actions against the Constitution. On August 4th Grand Juries will be called and supplied with evidence against Obama. I and others have each paid $90 for the faxes and to have certain TV markets used to place ads about the “Birthday Celebration.”

This is not a time for the feint of heart.
This is a time to get even by using legal means AND to keep on keeping on.