Monday, July 13, 2009

Fees For The Internet

Would you pay for Twitter? I would. Read what is in store for us.

Paying for a subscription to TWITTER and Google sound about right to me. As long as they stop all spamming, cloning of our personal account names and continuous service without maintenance time off. Kind of like the service on my General Motors Cadillac. USER FRIENDLY and COMFORT are the clues to my purchases.

I like exclusive rights to sites like or PJTV Conservative videos both sites membership for $5 a month.
Good Service is invaluable. Something for nothing gets you nothing. I don't clip coupons because my time is worth more than the discounts.

I am not looking forward to paying more for health care because I know from personal experience that universal health care is something control freaks like bambam will impose on me. Bambam Care will be without good service. The government has never been known to give good service, exception being the actual MILITARY SERVICE we get and pay for. The founding fathers knew what was worth the UNITED money collection via the 16th Amendment rights to collect taxes. For the "PUBLIC DEFENSE" equals for the people. Making me pay for other Americans lazy habits of not working or getting a free education galls me. I am not quite at JOHN GALT yet but I am getting there.