Thursday, September 16, 2010

What is the Republican "Machine" ?

Karl Rove is not done criticizing the Tea Party or the Tea Party candidates.
Karl Rove has gathered big Republican money donors in what is known as a 527 PAC. It is like an educational PAC in that the PAC can give almost unlimited money to promoting a candidates issues. My theory is that Rove has been setting up candidates to support. His slate is not doing so well. This Christine O'Donnell win in her Delaware primary must have really irked Rove and the other members of the PAC. They try to strong arm their choices into the winner's circles and that is why Sarah Palin referred to Rove et al as a "MACHINE.

There is no question as to my druthers for Republican leader: Sarah Palin.
CBS gave out the results of a phony poll saying that if Sarah Palin thinks she has a powerful name to drop into a campaign she doesn't. CBS is just plain wrong in their skewed poll. Sarah Palin makes an endorsement and FIREWORKS begin. Money pours into the campaign she endorses and money comes from me and other Palin Army members. All of the Palin Bloggers and Team give the call and donations come in.
Watch Rove and other Republicans who think they have power to anoint the Republicans for November. Rove has a lot of money and nowhere to spend it because no one is going to follow him. Especially now.The Tea Party is making the choices. Sarah Palin is making the choices. Senaor Jim DeMint is making the choices.And so it goes.
Palin/Bolton 2012 is my choice and not Rove's *smile*.