Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sarah Palin 5 and 0

Sample chatter late last night:
Does that mean Palin goes 5-0 tonight? ODonnell, Ayotte, Gomez, Grimm, Buerkle #tcot This correct?
YES>>>>>>>>>>this was SO CORRECT. I couldn't stay up much later for Ayotte. They must have been walking the ballot totals to the NH state capitol. Wherever that is. NH was so very very SLOW. It was a Cliff hanger.
Governor Sarah Palin, the titular head of my Republican party had the night 5 endorsements -5 wins. *smile*
Yes,Palin is the titular head of the Republican Party and she had a great night. Senator Jim DeMint was a great politician last night also. He won quite a few.
In New York State my candidate Carl Paladino won the governor primary Take a look at his videos. He beat Laziio an old time Long Island
Winner in Deleware for Senator,Christine O'Donnell wants to be off and running with some $$$ in her campaign coffers so don't leave her.. She will be seated in the "lame duck "sesson and will not have to wait until January 2011 to be seated.

Palin/Bolton 2012!