Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bill, Ayers: Don't Bomb Anything

Ayers is 65 now and retired from teaching the last 20 years at Chicago University. He has made a good pension for his dumb wife and three wayward (now grown children). One of his kids named Zav Dorham went to Julliard (Could your child afford to go there?). Zav is a real genius and Billy is very proud of him . He just wrote a wonderful (not) musical called "Haymarket". Haymarket could be played by a group called Black Sabbath or some such meaningful named group. But how ignorant I am about such things.
The Ayers had 3 kids in all. How did they ever find the time? All those bombings ,plots , killings and books to write on"Teaching Toward Freedom" and "Teaching For Social Justice". I am a teacher but he is no colleague of mine.
Before I forget what I learned from my 13 cents cost of paying for he C-Span specials on Ayers, he had another son whom he called Malcolm after Mr. X.
We are all glad that Ayers and wifey have retired from teaching our innocent college kids and from bombing us.
Because he and his wife were such desperate criminals and unconvicted murderers it is hard to believe he still smiles and has loads of family photos plastered all over his office walls. He has made the American Dream and he is protected by the crazies in the Social Justice Judiciary. Aren't you just pleased about his feelings of safety and serenity? His family is safe. He is truly a miscreant and we get to look on his accomplishd life. I had one person who saw his name and said she felt physically sick just at the sight of it.
You remember he was a co-founder of WEATHER UNDERGROUND . He helped write The Weatherman Manifesto (at least I would presume that).
Billy was a Merchant Marine. Aren't you glad to know our Merchant Marine's inner secrets are safe with him? Janet Napalotano does not have him on DOMESTIC TERRORIST list but she does have the names of all of my Catholic friends who pray in front of Planned Parenthood on the list.
Cook up some popcorn and enjoy the quick video.

Added tonight: Chris Coons needs to get on this Post Office Poster: