Sunday, September 5, 2010

Catholics are asked to vote for PROLIFE candidates.

THE WHOLE WORD. The "word" not according to Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry or Mayor Guiliani or the Kennedy Family: The WORD .
Pelosi and other wayward Catholic Elected Officials ignore the WORD OF GOD and the POPE's guidance on the DIVINE WORD as it pertains to Human Life and its value.
The candidates do not have to be Catholic but they must not be killers of the unborn or advocate for abortion like Barack Obama.
Obamanism has 50% of the Catholics in the United States still holding up his "base" of support. They are Socialist Democrats and pass over his abortion stands because they know better than ? Who? The Pope? God? They determine what the Ten Commandments say and vote accordingly. They pretend they are GOD. Check out what we think of people who take on the role of the ALMIGHTY.hereIn a recent bulletin our Pastor asked us to not pretend that we ourselves have no sins. That is easy to admit but it does not prevent me from pointing out to those 50% of the registered voting Catholic Population to stop supporting the Socialist Democrats or pro-abortion Republicans/Conservatives who to try and include a pro-abortion platform for the nation to consider. You do not have to get your moral bearings from an organized religion but it is good to have the "GOD-CHECK LIST" and to follow it. It is very clear cut to me -NO CHERRY PICKING THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.