Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Launch of the Election Day Tea Party Project

Ambassador John Bolton joins with Michael P. Leahy founder of #TCOT to launch the Election Day Tea Party Project.
50 Candidates have been adopted to watch.
Bolton Partners with Nationwide Tea Party Coalition to Launch "Election Day Tea Party"Bolton said:.
"I joined the Election Day Tea Party project because -- perhaps more than at any other in my lifetime -- the results of this election cycle will determine the future of the United States as the leader of the Free World," said Ambassador John Bolton. "Election Day Tea Party is a great way for people to become involved in a substantial, productive way, no matter where you are in the country."

Top 50 House Races YOU Can Help to Win
Details at http://electiondayteaparty.com
Rank District Incumbent Challenger
1 NJ-6 Pallone Anna Little
2 FL-22 Klein Allen West
3 NY-25 Maffei Ann Marie Buerkle
4 NC-2 Etheridge Renee Ellmers
5 IN-2 Donnelly Jackie Walorski
6 FL-8 Grayson Daniel Webster
7 ID-1 Minnick Raul Labrador
8 WA-3 Heck Jamie Herrera
9 VA-11 Connolly Keith Fimian
10 SD-AL Sandlin Kristi Noem
11 CO-7 Perlmutter Ryan Frazier
12 SC-5 Spratt Mick Mulvaney
13 NV-3 Titus Joe Heck
14 VA-9 Boucher Morgan Griffith
15 NM-1 Heinrich John Barela
16 VA-5 Perriello Robert Hurt
17 MD-1 Kratovil Andy Harris
18 PA-12 Critz Tim Burns
19 TX-23 Rodriguez Quico Canseco
20 CA-47 Sanchez Van Tran
21 AR-1 Causey Rick Crawford
22 CA-11 McNerney David Harmer
23 ND-AL Pomeroy Rick Berg
24 NY-2 Israel John Gomez
25 AZ-8 Giffords Jesse Kelly
26 TX-27 Ortiz Blake Farenthold
27 FL-24 Kosmas Sandy Adams
28 FL-2 Boyd Steve Southerland
29 MS-4 Taylor Steven Palazzo
30 CO-4 Markey Cory Gardner
31 VA-8 Moran Patrick Murray
32 AZ-1 Kirkpatrick Paul Gosar
33 NC-7 McIntyre Ilario Pantano
34 PA-4 Altmire Keith Rothfus
35 WV-1 Oliverio David McKinley
36 GA-8 Marshall Austin Scott
37 IL-8 Bean Joe Walsh
38 IL-17 Hare Bobby Schilling
39 KY-3 Yarmuth Todd Lally
40 IA-2 Loebsack Mariannette Miller-Meeks
41 IN-9 Hill Todd Young
42 OH-13 Sutton Tom Ganley
43 TN-8 Herron Stephen Fincher
44 NJ-3 Adler Jon Runyan
45 PA-10 Carney Tom Marino
46 NM-2 Teague Steve Pearce
47 PA-11 Kanjorski Lou Barletta
48 AR-4 Ross Beth Anne Rankin
49 MA-4 Frank Sean Bielat
50 CA-8 Pelosi John Dennis

Contact: Michael Patrick Leahy, michaelpatrickleahy@gmail.com, 615-243-6869