Friday, September 24, 2010


Cape Cod Has Some Great Ideas!

Money Bombs rain down on Socialist Democrats. Highly recommended candidates to send $5 or $10 :
Carl Paladino within reach of Governor's seat for New York.

Sean Bielat to get rid of Barney Frank . Barney has fallen below 50%.

Renee for NC 2nd District to beat bully slappin Etheridge.Renee is not afraid of the bullying representative.

Carly Fiorina to get rid of Ma'am Boxer in CA.

Sharron Angle to swamp Harry Reid in Nevada Senate Race.

Lt.Col Allen West voice of our future from Florida. He is a Constitutional Conservative.

Christine O'Donnell from 0 to 60 to beat back Commie lover Chris Coons.

Joe Miller Marine from Alaska for Senate -already has 45%in three way race.

New Site from Governor Sarah Palin 2008 election holds. Take Back The 20.

Give in one large donation or $5 or $10 as your check book allows.
Palin/Bolton 2012