Saturday, September 18, 2010

We don't need no education...

From Clint Cox on FACEBOOK Photo
Tweedle Dee and Twiddle Hammer Lecturing that young ladies who think masturbation is an adolescent obsession may be called CRAZEEE. The men in the Conservative way of thinking say Christine O'Donnell should never ever say that masturbatory life is self lust and should be on list of habits to get rid of. I think the two (Rove and Krauthammer) doth protest too much.
Everyone else seems ot be getting into the fray too. As of this writing Christine O'Donnell, Senate Republican candidate in Delaware, has $1.6 million in contributions. Her site is always crashing from too many well wishers but try this. If it does not work I will publish an address for Friends of Christine.
Christine was endorsed by Sarah Palin and supported by

Palin/Bolton 2012

Note: Men for Masturbation Biden/Coons-the Reid "Pet"