Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What Catholics Will Be Doing In November

60 Million + Catholic Voters are not going to continue to vote for Oabamanisms this November!
Voting for a person because he or she is Black is no longer acceptable. Marxism and Socialism is not the Gospel of Jesus. He is not Robin Hood. He did not advocate like Robin Hood to steal (excessive taxes) from the rich to give to the poor.(Redistribution of Your Money is Marxism)

He did not say Kill unprotected babies in the womb. He said this: Gather ye little children to me. Do not harm a hair on their heads.No voting for Liberal Judges who let child molesters go free.

You will no longer be doing the work of the Devil.
Go in front of Planned Parenthood and get down on your knees and pray the rosary. Look at he medical personnel carry out the white bags filled with a babies remains.
Ask God to forgive you.
I did.
I hope HE did.