Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Alaska Fund Trust

Alaskan and long time friend of Governor Sarah Palin is the Trustee and founder of the Fund Trust
Many nation-wide members of Team and many Alaskans in the Governor's home state have wanted to start a legal defense fund to pay off $500,000 in legal debts.
Washington, DC and Alaskan dirty tricks democrats filed many phony ethics charges against Governor Palin and legal fees mounted.

The Legal Defense Fund was a long time coming but now that it is here thousands will respond to the $150 maximum-limit contribution. When the debts are paid any money left will be given to 501(c)(3) charitalble groups as determined by the Trustee.

The Governor was asked at a news interview several weeks ago why she did not start up such a fund and she assented that she may have to do just that. That is where her friend K.Cole entered the picture. Palin will not profit directly for political or personal gain but the debts being put behind her means that she can begin to answer all of the calls from her followers to run for president in 2012. In the meantime she is expected to be completley focused on Alaska's governing duties and her decision of what political office if any she will seek in 2010.

At last ,at last I am free at last would be my conjecture of how she feels about being able to stand on the throats of those who had intended to make her Repunzel.
My conjecture not her's. Governor Palin talks the talk and walks the walk of a Christian.

My favorite image of her is handling government matters in the hall, with Trig and his bottle and her Blackberries in hand. It is her idea of being free. Live with it.