Thursday, April 30, 2009


WHY DID YOU WATCH IT (if you did)? You have to correct everything he said about the Tea Parties. People think only 250,000 showed up for Tax day.
Closer to 1 million plus people showed up but who cares what he says????
Check out PJTV site or #tcot on Twitter or #michaelpleahy on Twitter.
Twitter .com accounts are free.
Look closly at the typical American BOYHOOD then think of hugoobama's boyhood.ALSO, NOTE WHEN HE WAS A YOUNG BOY HE ATTENDED MUSLIM SCHOOLS AND LEARNED ROTE THE KORAN. Real American children in our schools were coloring dittos about The Boston Tea Party and other great moments in American History. His background is not graced with typical American Boyhood Traditions and Culture. That is why Americans need an American born and bred American POTUS. You could tell something phony was coming with his 20 years with the G-D Wright idiot. Somemore of the same anti-American History as he has as an adult(?). No one pays attention to his interpretation of anything.