Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Inappropriate Laughter,Giggles and Grins

Recently seen and heard in news conferences from Press Secretary Gibbs has been an unseemingly audible giggle. The giggle from Gibbs and Hillary Clinton's chuckle over the priates ,and I think, the "gallows" humor laugh from the bama are reflex actions which are controlled by the LIMBIC or Primitive Brain. Which means the actions are NOT CONTROLLABLE. They (we humans) have no control over that section of the brain. It is the section of the brain that controls involuntary actions like swallowing, anger,and even consciousness. It is not the RATIONAL BRAIN where higher level thinking takes place. If it were in the higher section of the brain they (we) could control the give-away grin or laugh.
Also note , look around someone's mouth to detect a sneaky grin if they are trying to pull a fast one on you/us. They cannot control that reflexive smirk.
Premier Scientist Carl Sagan has a wonderful book for us laymen to explain the Limbic or Primitive Brain. The Broca Effect may be the title. (look it up with me it makes for good reading)
Of course then there are the controlled responses like the bama showing his disdain for us (the voters) as seen in this pricless picture of evidence of loonacy. I call the photo "The Birdman."