Friday, April 24, 2009

What Were the bama's Grades in Law School?

The great lawyer POTUS practices trial lawyering ignoring the Rules of Evidence. You can not leave out exculpatory evidence. Hey O! Had a long night again? Wake up.
Kangaroo Court (aka the White House) delaying the truth squad because the truth squad will set you free. YES FREE ,IF YOU ARE CHENEY,BUSH AND Bush White House Lawyers.
The White House boobs must be fun to play chess with. They cannot plot more than one move at a time.
CHECK MATE the bama loses again.

When moving on as the bama suggested this morning here is what to expect:
The Axelrod and the Rambo will have to use Foreign Law to site as they moveon (.org)to prosecute the Last Great President Bush and his administration for protecting America from attack for almost a decade.